Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mike Morgan's Wave of the Day Contest

The Morgan Wave of the Day contest is an invitational with a 3 month waiting period, but often doesn't run due to lack of swell. This past weekend saw plenty of swell, and while the sandbars were ideal, contest organizer Chris Sardelis seized the best 4 hour window on Friday, January 24th to run the contest for the first time in years.

The lifeguards cleared the water and all 17 contestants were given 4 hours. The best single wave ridden would be awarded $2,000. The best wipeout would receive $250. All proceeds from the event go to local charities.

To learn more about Mike Morgan and the reason for the event, go to www.MorganPaddleOut.com

Music: The White Stripes, Hotel Yorba

Mike Morgan Wave of the Day Contest from David Lee Scales on Vimeo.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Chris Cote Talks About the End of Transworld Surf

This video is an excerpt from the Surf Splendor Podcast. Chris Cote discusses the meeting where he learned that Transworld Surf would cease publication. The entire one hour interview is available here http://surfsplendorpodcast.com/001-chris-cote/

Chris Cote Talks About The End of Transworld Surf from David Lee Scales on Vimeo.


Monday, July 29, 2013

Surf Splendor Podcast

Hey 1 Hour in HB fans, Over the past few years producing 1 Hour in HB I've really developed a passion for storytelling. The most gratifying episodes to create were those that profiled people, like the Joe D. Foster series. I've parlayed this interest into a new project called Surf Splendor. It is focused specifically on conversations and stories about surfing. It's an audio poscast and available for free on iTunes and at SurfSplendorPodcast.com .

Our first episode was with Chris Cote discussing the fallout of Transworld Surf, Twitter trolls, and much more.

The second episode just launched today and features a discussion with surfboard shaper Eric Arakawa.

I hope that you listen. If you enjoy show please share it with a friend and follow on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, and FACEBOOK Thank you!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mayhem on Southside

A few days prior to the start of the Volcom Pro in Fiji, Simpo and Seabass got 1 final session in HB with Barger and S.Ward. Warm water, punchy little peaks and a couple little slices and flicks before the wide open,hollow South Pacific. Bon voyage, boys! Good luck!

Mayhem on Southside from David Lee Scales on Vimeo.

Music by Django Django, Wor

Monday, May 27, 2013

F1RST QUARTER (the B Roll)

Filmed during the 1st quarter of 2013, these are the clips that didn't quite fit in F1RST QUARTER. Just a funky little 3 minutes of surfing.

F1RST QUARTER (the B Roll) from David Lee Scales on Vimeo.

Surfing: Brett Simpson Music: Les Sins, Grind Film & Edit: David Lee Scales


Filmed in Huntington Beach during the first quarter of 2013. In the overcast winter weeks leading up the Australian leg of the world tour, Brett Simpson tested boards and trained in the roping Northwest swells that filter through the pier.

F1RST QUARTER from David Lee Scales on Vimeo.

Film & Edit by David Lee Scales Music by Beach House, 'Wild', from the album 'Bloom'