Tuesday, March 22, 2011

1 Day at Rincon

All the NW swell skirts Orange County so on Thursday we drove up to Rincon and happened into some head-high rights. High tide was fun, but low tide got super good and hollow. Our crew got a solid workout catching tons of waves and running laps up the point. Enjoy.

Kiron Jabour, Fisher Heverly, Cristobal de Col, Balaram Stack


  1. With such good rincon on offer, why cut everything down to 1 or 2 turns? This isn't mediocre beachbreak, most of us can only dream of getting as many setwaves as these kids did.

    I'd prefer to see more complete waves, including navigating flat spots, double ups, etc. This edit leaves me with the impression the crew didn't make many.

    That being said, great song choice. Solid surfing and pretty epic conditions nonetheless.

  2. Brett,

    You indentified one of my greatest dilemma's when I was editing this footage. I had soooooo much content, and it's a struggle to figure out what to use. What it boils down to is, each wave lasts 45+ seconds, so you include the complete ride, you'll have a 15 minute video, which might be okay for some. I'm always concerned about boring the audience (or, I'm sensitive to the value of our audience's time) so I always try to trim when possible. Perhaps a mistake with this one. I was greatly conflicted while editing. Oh well, thanks for the feedback. And, just for the record, the boys certainly were making quite a few from out the back. Pretty crazy stuff.