Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mike Morgan's Wave of the Day Contest

The Morgan Wave of the Day contest is an invitational with a 3 month waiting period, but often doesn't run due to lack of swell. This past weekend saw plenty of swell, and while the sandbars were ideal, contest organizer Chris Sardelis seized the best 4 hour window on Friday, January 24th to run the contest for the first time in years.

The lifeguards cleared the water and all 17 contestants were given 4 hours. The best single wave ridden would be awarded $2,000. The best wipeout would receive $250. All proceeds from the event go to local charities.

To learn more about Mike Morgan and the reason for the event, go to www.MorganPaddleOut.com

Music: The White Stripes, Hotel Yorba

Mike Morgan Wave of the Day Contest from David Lee Scales on Vimeo.